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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Whenever I show my paintings publicly I have funny things happen. I have had some people pull out some fabric and hold it up to the painting to see if it matches. Some pull out a tape to see exactly what the size is. I have even had them ask me to put a little kitten in the foreground.

Here's one...
...boy, that looks just like a photo. ( If that's what I wanted it to look like I would have used my camera!)

Things like this don't bother me much anymore. I just think, they know not what they do.

My favorite...

...A friend of mine when we were starting our family days, told me how much he liked my work.
"We've been looking for a wall hanging but don't know what we want. We'd like to borrow three or four of your paintings to see what we like, would that be ok".

"Of course" I said anxiously hoping to sell a painting. "Come over and pick what you want."

So he did,

"I'll let you know, "he said as I helped him load up his car.

I was quite excited that he liked my work and was going to buy one.

Several weeks went by and I hadn't heard from him.
I called and asked if he'd made up his mind. " Not yet", he said, "give me a little more time."

Not a problem I told him.

Several more weeks went by and I hadn't heard. Thinking that I needed a decision, I would have to be more forceful. I called him, worrying not to upset him but needed a decision.

"Have you made a decision yet?", I ask.

After a long pause... ..."Ya, we decided to buy a clock."

Be tough...

Talk to you later,

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