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Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm always interested in people and their behavior. What makes them do what they do. People are attracted to certain colors. Why they pick these colors is a study in itself. If we could figure this out you are your way to millions of dollars.

There are reasons why.

For and experiment go into a busy supermarket and without thinking about it and not having a motive, walk up to the first thing you see. Now try to figure out what attracted you to that spot. Remember you are just like everyone else.

Strong reds and oranges are on most packages because they attract more attention. But it is how you use the colors that make the sale. Same goes in painting. Some colors compliment others. Some colors accent others. Some
colors push other colors forward.

Beginning painters want to get right at a painting. They are more concerned about
the subject matter than what happens in the painting. Exaggeration of colors and
ther compliments are what it is all about.

Study color...

Talk to you Later