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Thursday, October 1, 2009


I'm not sure if you can teach kids art. They have their own preconceived ideas of what art should be. If you give them a simple assignment they always come up with the same solutions.

I have yet to figure out who teaches them to put the sun in the upper corner of their painting.

I have decided to instruct them and not let them know they are being instructed.

You see, to really teach them you have to let them teach themselves. Just keep them drawing and painting. Give them drawing exercises that improve their ability to think, that's where the change is.

The rest takes care of itself, or they lose interest. That's ok we don't need that many artists anyway.

Talk to you later


Tuesday, September 29, 2009


As you face a white piece of paper, you often think what could I paint that makes a difference. You think of all the paintings that have done before you and how many different solutions that you might come up with. It's endless.

Keep in mind that no two people look alike and no two people will paint alike.

There is nothing that can come out of your head that you didn't put in. Again, you are what you are. The things you like may interest a lot of others also.

Now, what do I paint..

My one man show that I recently had surprised me on subject matter.
The show had big ones, small ones, lots of color and very eclectic. I painted subject matter from English country sides to a Peruvian woman with her Lama. With that variety I was sure that I had something for every one.

The show was catered by my good friend Jody, who by the way does these beautiful table arrangements of tasty little finger treats. She ask me to paint some food pictures for her tables to help accent the whole idea. They were small and just for interest I hand scribed the recipe on them (I only did three).

They were the hit of the show (along with the tasty treats of course).

Paint what you like, others will like it to.

Talk to you later,