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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Back...

Something happened that my site wouldn't let me blog. Sometimes the simplest things are hard to figure out.

Well I'm still get ready for my show on the 26 of September.

I have been making my own frames. It's not hard to do and lets you personalize each painting.
I also wanted to experiment with colored frames. It seems that most frames are dark wood or gold. My decorator friends want to see a wall hanging that makes a statement. That doesn't mean that the painting doesn't have to be good but the whole package must make the statement.
I have a feeling that people will respond . They might not tell me the truth.

I've been scanning my paintings into the computer and changing the colors of the mats and frames until I 'm happy with the combination. This takes a lot of trial and error of mixing and matching colors to a minimum. The choices are endless.

Example, same picture two different ways to go.

Make things easy.

Talk to you later,