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Friday, May 28, 2010


Maybe you should try something different!

I went an art exhibit where all the work was done on a computer.
Great colorful designs with hints of objects carefully placed throughout the picture with marble coloring flowing throughout the background- they were beautiful. It made me stop and wonder; if they were made with a machine, were they really acceptable pieces of art?

Why not. After all the computer is just another pencil. It can't operate itself. It takes great skill to make it do what you want.

That goes with other types of art. Sometimes we become purists and do the same thing over and over, not trying to excite our audience. We could mix a lot of ideas and art styles together as well as mediums. The trick is to make it work.

If I listed the number of ways you could achieve a finished piece how many have you tried?

• Watercolor
• Oil
• Oil Pastel
• Pastel
• Pencil (Colored)
• Gouache
• Casein
• Tempera
• Pen and Ink
• Egg Tempera
• Acrylic
• Fresco
• Charcoal / Conte'
• Computer
• Sculptor
• Ceramic
• Magic Markers
• Crayon
• Woodblock
• And the one you come up with
• Spray Paint
• Airbrush
• Cut Paper

This list will give you an Idea of what's out there. Everything on the list has been tried and made an artist successful. Settle on one our use a mixture of all.
Who knows you may find something that works for you.

Lots of ways to achieve great results.

Cloyd Bedke