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Monday, October 19, 2009


Food paintings, especially desserts are very hard to make them appear appetizing.

First off most desserts are very moist and runny. They are made out of items such as fruits, pastries, topped with Ice cream, frostings and carmel dripping over or chocolate base.

Sounds good huh.

When you mix all the ingredients together it often looks like MUD!
Mud in a painting never looks appetizing (unless it is pure chocolate).

Appetizing colors are peach, yellow, orange and red. Most fruits and pastries are in this color range. Browns, blacks, greens and blues really do make mud in a painting.

Pick an item that tells to story. Like a cherry for a for a cherry pie. Paint it as an object in the arrangement then paint the pie. Use the blues and blacks in the background to push the main objects in the painting forward.

It will take some practice before you to get to the point that you'll want to eat the

Remember less is more...