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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Next month I'm putting a private art show. I do this about every seven years.

When you get about 40 paintings ahead in your inventory, and just havn't had time to show them, do your own show. Invite all those who has expresed an interest in your work. Don't leave anyone out. You should be able to come up with 200 or more names. Send out an invitation and you will be surprised how many show up. I'm going to do a quick draw and a couple of silent auctions to get them involved. I expect to sell a few paintings in the process.

I'm cutting matts and glass for some frames that I made. The hard part of this kind of show is getting it ready. I'm going to do at my home, inside and out. I have some beautiful gardens and patios that I can display the work. It is a great way for you to show your work.

You'al come
Talk to you tomorrow,



  1. HI Cloyd! I am a Utah artist and came upon your blog today. This is great to hear your opinions. I agree with you 100%. I taught art for 11 years. Then got discouraged with trying to sell in Utah and went to work at a dental lab. Now I'm back to doing my art and getting the creative spark back. Check out my blog: You'll see some of my art. I love your landscape painting. It's very refreshing!

  2. Julie,

    Thanks for your responce. I am very new at this blogging and would like to know how ran across my blog.

    Look at my website.