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Friday, August 14, 2009

I have decided to start a blog on "How to become a better artist".

I have never done a blog before.

I've been an artist for over 50 years. Like many of you I have highs and lows and many frustrations. I have painted some great pieces and also have drawers full of clunkers.

The secret is is to know which are the clunkers.

In my workshops with 10 to 15 students I always ask the question, how do you like it.
And most often they don't know.

This blog is to guide you through the process of creativity... things to do and don't do...
how to face a white piece of paper, canvas or any other creative process.

My experience I will share with you. I don't have all the answers but we'll find out those we don't.

Remember, money is not the way to measure your success as an artist. There are lots of people using warm little fuzzy ideas that sell. Her today gone tomorrow. You can make a living just painting cats and dogs.

Who are you and what do think,
Lets talk tomorrow.


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